• Basic Concealed Carry Training Exercises

    Being a skilled and capable shooter is something you owe to both yourself and any potential bystanders as a concealed carrier. What do you do to improve as a shooter is the main query. You can only do so much with straightforward target practice. Some fundamental drills for concealed carriers will help you perform better behind the gun.
  • Self Defense Weapons for Daily Life

    Every person who carries any type of self-defense weapon must have a clearly defined purpose for doing so. It also helps to know how to use it properly. Additionally, there are state restrictions on some “deadly weapons” and not others, so it’s important to know the law.
  • 5 Solutions for a Concealed Carry Workout

    There is no perfect solution. It is a game of priorities and compromise. In short, decide what is your highest priority and find the best solution for that. Belly Bands address many problems, but the gun is at risk of rust from sweat. Smaller guns and tighter holsters will solve the saggy pants and abrasion issues, but draw speed will probably be slower. 
  • Why Owning a Gun Makes You More Attractive

    Will a holster and sidearm make you more attractive to women? Here’s all you need to know…