• United States Federal Gun Laws in 2020

    Federal gun laws in the US undergo changes every election cycle, but not as dramatically as some would think. In general, the federal government allows states to create and maintain the majority of the country’s gun laws. The 2nd amendment of the US constitution specifically protects a citizen’s right to keep and bear arms.
  • Arizona Gun Law: A Quick Guide

    Arizona gun laws are based on a conservative interpretation of the 2nd Amendment, and allows many freedoms to citizens. 

  • How the Federal Gun Laws Could Change After the 2020 Election

    Federal Laws on Guns Federal gun laws are directly affected by the president, and the 2020 election will have a major impact on the future of gun c...
  • Wyoming Gun Laws: A Quick Guide

    Wyoming is a Constitutional Carry state which allows its citizens the freedom to openly carry long guns and handguns. Further, residents of Wyoming may conceal carry handguns without a permit or license. Although, there are restricted areas where no firearms are allowed, such as schools and government buildings.
  • Self Defense Weapons for Daily Life

    Every person who carries any type of self-defense weapon must have a clearly defined purpose for doing so. It also helps to know how to use it properly. Additionally, there are state restrictions on some “deadly weapons” and not others, so it’s important to know the law.
  • 5 Solutions for a Concealed Carry Workout

    There is no perfect solution. It is a game of priorities and compromise. In short, decide what is your highest priority and find the best solution for that. Belly Bands address many problems, but the gun is at risk of rust from sweat. Smaller guns and tighter holsters will solve the saggy pants and abrasion issues, but draw speed will probably be slower. 
  • Maine Gun Laws: A Quick Guide

    Maine gun laws are considered to be lax by its neighboring states, with its minimum restrictive policies on ownership and carrying. Although blue during election times, this northern state is full of gun enthusiasts and supporters. More severe Gun Control laws were brought to the vote late in 2019 and they were shut down by the state senate. 
  • Concealed Carry in Summer: Tips and Tricks

    Packing Heat in the Heat  Concealed Carry in summer has its own unique challenges. It's easier to wear a coat or heavy clothes to cover the gun h...
  • Alabama Gun Law: A Quick Guide

    Alabama gun laws are gun-friendly, which is considered typical for a southern “red” state. The State Constitution declares a fundamental right to bear arms as an essential principle of Liberty
  • Why Owning a Gun Makes You More Attractive

    Will a holster and sidearm make you more attractive to women? Here’s all you need to know…
  • A Guide to West Virginia Gun Laws

    West Virginia law makes it one of the most gun-friendly states in the country, with very minimal restrictions concerning permits and licenses. Notably, West Virginia does not hold any assault weapon bans or high capacity magazine bans. Also, there are no forced waiting periods when purchasing a gun. 
  • Gun Storage and Safety

    Gun storage is an extremely important part of being a responsible gun owner. Not only will proper storage extend the life of the firearm, but it also keeps others safe. First, let's take a look at who is not allowed to possess or handle a gun.