Customer Safety

Our goal is to provide you the finest quality firearm accessory.

At Cardini Leather gun safety is our top priority and we want to make sure you stay safe while carrying your firearm. We create premium handmade holsters with the end user in mind, and make sure to focus on safety, function, comfort, and convenience. At Cardini Leather we want to make sure that your holster fits the firearm you intend to carry properly. We also want you to realize that all firearms are potentially dangerous and can cause great harm, injury, or even death if misused and miscarried. Any person wanting to carry a firearm should read, understand, and follow the warnings and instructions below. Remember, YOU are responsible for becoming familiar with the safe and proper use of your firearm under all conditions.

With all firearms having the potential to be dangerous, make sure you carry and handle your firearm safely. Remember it is not just your life at risk when mishandling your firearm. If you are in need of proper training be sure to check out available programs conducted through police departments, the military, state-run hunter safety programs, and other agencies licensed to teach and train. It is not recommended to carry a firearm unless you know all of the characteristics and how to use it properly. Make sure your firearm is in proper working order at all times, and if not take it to a gunsmith who will be able to fix the issue. Please keep all firearms away from children.

Making sure your firearm fits securely into your new holster for proper gun safety.

  • When testing out if your firearm fits securely into the holster make sure it is unloaded.
  • We build our holsters to fit factory equipped handguns, and they may not fit securely if your firearm has any modifications.
  • We do not recommend making any modifications to your Cardini Leather holster.
  • The user accepts all responsibility when using a Cardini Leather Holster.
  • Periodically check to make sure your holster is still functioning as designed. Check stitching, and look for tears in leather. Also make sure the clip is still tight on your belt.

Firearm Fit

  • For proper gun safety your firearm should fit securely in the holster at all times. If a retention strap is present it must be used.
  • If your firearm is too snug when you initially purchase a leather holster from Cardini Leather it is recommended that you take your unloaded firearm and place it into a plastic shopping bag. You can then put the firearm into the holster and let sit overnight. When you remove the firearm after sitting, take the plastic bag off and reinsert the firearm into the holster. Repeat as necessary.
  • Our Holsters are not designed to be used during rigorous physical activity. If you find yourself having to do some form of physical activity, you may need to use your hand to hold your firearm in place.