Why Owning a Gun Makes You More Attractive

Will a holster and sidearm make you more attractive to women? Yes, and here is why... 

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Buckle Up, Cowboy

We all know the old western movies, the ones with the gunslingers and cowboys. They look fancy with their ten-gallon hats and spurred boots, but what catches my eye the most are those huge belt holsters. Holsters that size required not only a heavy-duty leather belt but also a tie that would wrap around the thigh to hold it steady. In most places, gone are the days of aggressive open carry (whether for good or bad, that’s a different debate), but there is still something special about a gun and holster.

The Law Man 

In the USA, the laws around open and concealed carry are fluid depending on the state. In GA and WV, open carry is permitted- which translates to “Welcome Cowboys''. But in most all Northern states and many in the West, there are tight regulations on concealed carry only. To be considered concealed carry, the gun and holster must be completely out of sight. Often, the rule includes not letting even the outline of the gun be seen (otherwise known as printing). Also, open carry generally refers strictly to rifles and long guns that can be carried on the shoulder and unloaded.

So, how can we be cowboys in such an unfriendly era? There are those that embrace their gun belt and 6-shooters only on their own land, away from others and their hindrances. Although, States like California will actually try to regulate gun carriers on their own private land. In Montana, handguns may be carried openly for work- like if you are an ACTUAL cowboy working on a ranch. Of course, we can’t forget our great law enforcement and military who carry their guns with pride as part of their uniform.

Will They Or Won’t They...

All that to say, will a shiny shooter swinging at your hip make you more attractive? It seems like a resounding “Yes” from women who are attracted to “manly men”. 

This article from Business Insider, which includes a study done by actual professionals, shows that women find men who take moderate risks more attractive. Not modern risks, like cheating on a test, but risks that come along with extreme sports and hunting. There is something inherently dangerous and forbidden about guns that call to a primal part of anyone’s soul, and that is often translated as an attraction.

Since We Were Young...

There is also something to be said about “classical conditioning”. Just like in the beginning of the post, I pointed out that irresistible pull to those tough old cowboys. If a person grows up seeing a specific type of “manly man”, they may be more likely to find that attractive later in life. 

In this study from PubMed, pavlovian conditioned women showed more sexual arousal to a picture of a gun than the men in the study. In short, the study was testing different reactions in men and women to non-sexual images. Yes, this is a weird one, but it shows how strong subconscious conditioning can be in a person. 

Guys Versus Girls

Interestingly, the numbers on who owns guns cuts very clearly between men and women. According to a study from 2015 (another PubMed article), the men in the study were twice as likely to own guns than the women. Also, women were half as likely to own more than one gun than the men in the study. Although, 75% of all the gun owners in the study claimed they owned the guns for self-defense. So, not all gun owners are recreational hunters or marksmen, many just want a weapon in their home for protection.

As far as gun restrictions go, women seem to more likely to favor a higher level of gun control. According to another NCBI study from 2020, women show a much higher level of support for gun policies that claim to reduce gun violence. So, keep in mind, that many women will simultaneously support gun ownership and an increase in gun control. 

The Bad Boys are Back

Oh, the bad boy. We all know him, even though he changes shape and form every generation. From a rebel without a cause, to the skater boy, there's an irresistible attractiveness to him for both women and men. So, does having a gun give someone that “bad boy” edge? 


According to Clinical Psychologist, Vinita Mehta, Ph.D:

 “...with respect to short-term mating, women may be drawn to ‘bad boys’, who demonstrate confidence, stubbornness, and risk-taking tendencies. “.[source]

Notably, the studies findings are based on college aged women and focused on the short-term. Also, while the women found the “bad boys” to be more attractive, they did not necessarily want to have sex with them. I repeat, Attraction ≠ Sex. 

They Know, They All Know

Don’t think that this is a totally “out there” thought. Even the advertisers are catching onto the “millennial” trend, as they call it. According to a Garrison Everest, a successful marketing company, the new gun market is all about young and athletic buyers. Additionally, more women are interested in guns for self defense, so they are opening up a whole new demographic of shoppers. So, with this trend on the rise and more feminine buyers interested in the industry, there are new opportunities for connection and conversation. Also, consider this article about women who carry guns from Concealed Nation. Women who carry a gun for self defense are more likely to be self-reliant and confident. So, be that girl or get that girl- cause she’s a lady worth having. 

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And finally, a disclaimer. Let’s just put this out there- it's a well known fact that political parties are a clear divide on gun law ideologies. So, if you are reading this as a person who leans more to the left, you are going to (most likely) disagree with everything I say. And that's ok. Let’s just call it a draw and be friends...

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