Thank You Mom

Your children are your top priority as a mother; in addition to seeing to it that they are fed, clothed, and healthy, you are also in charge of seeing to it that they are safe. From learning how to cross the street as a toddler to handling dangers as they get older, you have to teach them everything. That's a big task, and the environment doesn't help at all.
It can be challenging to keep yourself safe while trying to keep your children safe. In 2017, there were 3.1 million assaults and other violent crimes, an increase of 17% from 2015. That number represents all assaults that have occurred in the United States, not just those in particular places or circumstances.

Criminals frequently target children as well. 464,324 complaints of missing children were received by the FBI's National Crime Information Center in 2017 alone. Within three hours of being kidnapped, many of them are killed, while others are later sold into human trafficking. Although these figures are alarming, good mothers are aware of them and work to safeguard their kids and themselves.
Many mothers find it simple to choose to carry a concealed handgun. Possessing a gun on your person is the best approach to ensure the safety of both you and your children. Threats can come in any shape at any moment, and if you aren't prepared to deal with them, you and your children risk becoming victims.
Some mothers opt to carry a small firearm, such as a.380. Others choose to use a 9mm or.40, or even a compact. caliber 45. They might carry in a conventional holster on their hip, on their ankle, or perhaps even in a concealed carry bag. They are taking it upon themselves to be ready for everything, including a threat to themselves or their children, regardless of their chosen weapon and carry strategy.
Because every woman is unique, you might not want the same gun that another mother does. If you're a mom looking for solutions to protect your family, the handgun you select should be something you can train with in addition to being comfortable in your hand. Carrying a firearm you are unfamiliar with won't help you; you must train to become good enough to defend your family and yourself.
Mothers are renowned for their fierce resolve to protect their children at all costs, even by regularly practicing with and carrying a firearm. Numerous parents carry a weapon along with their diaper bags and kid-friendly snacks, and as a result, their kids are safer. We honor the mothers who carry this year on Mother's Day.

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